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Switch Photo and Video Galleries

Switch makes it easy to display multiple photos and videos on your site.  Upload images in bulk and automatically create thumbnails for each.  Visitors can easily navigate galleries with a swipe or click to move to the next image.  Easily embed YouTube videos with thumbnail images for each one.

Multiple photo and video galleries

Switch allows you to host multiple galleries on your site.  Galleries appear in order by date, with the most recent displayed first.

Upload images easily

Upload images in bulk with a simple drag and drop. Switch processes all images at once and creates thumbnails for each.  Switch also allows you to create ALT tags for each image for search engine optimization.

Open and navigate galleries easily

Galleries open with the click of a button or a click on a thumbnail image.  The image will open up in a box superimposed on the page and allows for easy navigation to other images in the gallery.

Create YouTube video galleries

Easily embed YouTube videos with Switch for fast streaming.

Switch Now and Create Photo and Video Galleries Like a Boss.

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Switch Now and Create Photo and Video Galleries Like a Boss.

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